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Terms of Use of the TUQ Site

Welcome to TUQ, an online resource that helps you keep in touch with your old and new friends. The TUQ website (tuq.im) is a network project that brings people together based on their studies or work.

You can also read the User Information Protection Rules on tuq.im Website.

The Administration of the Site gives you access to use the site and its functionality on the terms that are the subject of these Terms of Use of the site. In this regard, you must carefully read the terms of these Rules, which are considered by the Site Administration as a public offer in accordance with Art. 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

1. Terms Used in These Rules

1.1.TUQ Website (or Website) is a social network known as "TUQ", located on a website on the Internet at tuq.su (including all levels of the specified domain, both functioning as of the date the User accepts these Rules and launched and (put into operation during the entire period of its validity) and accessible to the User through the website, the mobile version of the website, applications and other resources, which is the result of intellectual activity in the form of a computer program. A social network is represented in an objective form by a combination of data and commands, and the generated audiovisual displays (including the graphic images and the user interface included in it), (hereinafter referred to as data and commands) intended for the operation of computers and mobile devices in order to obtain a certain result in the form organization of the functional social network. A set of data and commands consists of activated and non-activated data and commands.

1.2.Non-activated data and commands - data, commands, and generated audiovisual displays, allowing to increase the number of virtual values used within the functionality of the Site. The conditions for the Administration to provide the User with the right to use non-activated data and commands are defined in the license agreement, the current version of which is freely available on the Internet at: http://tuq.me/ , concluded by the Site Administration with the User.

2. Status of the Terms of Use of the Site

2.1.These Terms of Use of the TUQ Site (previously and hereinafter - the Rules) are developed by the Site Administration and determine the conditions for the use and development of the Site, as well as the rights and obligations of its Users and the Administration. The Rules also apply to relations related to the rights and interests of third parties that are not Users of the Site, but whose rights and interests may be affected as a result of the actions of Users of the Site.

2.2.These Rules are a legally binding agreement between the User and the Site Administration, the subject of which is the provision by the Site Administration of the User access to use the Site and its functionality. In addition to these Rules, the agreement between the User and the Site Administration includes all special documents governing the provision of access to the use of individual functionality of the Site (including its inactive data and commands), placed in the relevant sections of the Site on the Internet.

2.3.The User is obliged to fully familiarize themselves with these Rules before registering on the Site. User Registration on the Site means the complete and unconditional acceptance by the User of these Rules in accordance with Art. 438 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

2.4.These Rules may be changed and / or supplemented by the Site Administration unilaterally without any special notice. These Rules are an open and public document. The current version of the Rules is located on the Internet at: https://tuq.im/rules. The Site Administration recommends that Users regularly check the terms of these Rules for their changes

3. Site Status

3.1.The rights to the Site as a whole and to the use of the network address (domain name) http://tuq.im belong to the Site Administration. The latter provides access to the Site to all interested parties in accordance with these Rules and the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

3.2.These Rules establish the conditions under which the rights to use information and results of intellectual activity (including, but not limited to literary, musical, audiovisual works and phonograms, graphic and design works, photographic works, computer programs) as part of separate sections of the Site may belong to the Users of the Site and other persons who independently created and / or posted these objects on the Site without the direct participation of the Adm nistratsii Site.

4. TUQ Site Administration

4.1.Appeals, offers and claims of individuals and legal entities to the Site Administration in connection with these Rules and all issues regarding the operation of the Site, violations of the rights and interests of third parties when using it, as well as for requests of persons authorized by the legislation of the Russian Federation, can be sent to the mailing address TUQ LTD, referred to in clause 4.1. of these Rules.

4.2.In relation to the functioning and development of the Site, the Administration is guided by the legislation of the Russian Federation, these Rules and other special documents that are developed or can be developed and adopted by the Site Administration in order to regulate the provision of Users with access to a separate functionality of the Site.

4.3.No provisions of these Rules provide the User with the right to use the company name, trademarks, domain names and other distinguishing marks of the Site Administration. The right to use the company name, trademarks, domain names and other distinguishing marks of the Site Administration may be granted only by written agreement with the Site Administration.

5. Registration on the Site and the status of the User

5.1.User registration on the Site is free, voluntary and is done at the Internet address: tuq.su.Rules.

5.2.The user of the Site is an individual registered on the Site in accordance with the procedure established by these Rules, has reached the age that is acceptable in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation for acceptance of these Rules, and has the appropriate authority (previously and hereinafter - the User).

5.3.When registering on the Site, the User is obliged to provide the Site Administration with the necessary reliable and relevant information for the formation of the User's personal page, including the login and password for accessing the Site that is unique for each User, as well as the last name and first name. The registration form of the Site may request additional information from the User.

5.4.The user is responsible for the accuracy, relevance, completeness and compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation of the information provided during registration and its purity from claims of third parties.

5.5.After providing the information specified in clause 5.3. of these Rules, the User must go through a series of certification procedures, namely, (a) confirm the registration by recognizing an automated test designed to distinguish between computers and people ("captcha"); (b) confirm the registration by clicking on the links sent to the email addresses during registration. In the case of the correct sequential execution of all registration actions on the Site, a personal page of the User is created with a network address of the form https://tuq.im/user. The user has the right to register no more than one personal page on the Site.

You understand and agree that Tuqapp.com may revise, modify and/or supplement the Terms of Use (the "Revised Terms of Use") at any time. Any Revised Terms of Use will be effective immediately after notice is sent to you via email. If you do not agree to the Revised Terms of Use, you must stop using the Platform and close your account. You can deactivate your account by emailing us at in@tuqapp.com. By continuing to use the Platform following notice, or by failing to deactivate your account, you hereby expressly agree to be bound by the Revised Terms of Use and acknowledge that your continued use of the Platform is valid consideration for the Revised Terms of Use.

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